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Citizen Band Radio

AT-300M citizen band radio transceiver possesses various types of channels and modes. Its channels fall into E type, D type, EU type, EC type, PL type, UK type, US type and NZ type. Besides, three kinds of modes includes AM and FM, AM only and FM only. The first mode owns one color backlight, while the latter two modes have seven colors backlight. Moreover, our product can provide SQ function and ASQ function, and the emergency call channel can also be available in this device.

Main Specifications

Modulation modes AM/FM
Frequency ranges 26.965---27.405MHz 25.615-31.105MHz (programmable)
Antenna impedance 50 Ohms
Power supply 13.2V
Dimensions ( in mm) 15 0 × 140 × 41mm
Weight 761G
Frequency error +/-300HZ
Carrier power 1W/4W
Transmission interference Inferior to 4nW(-54dBnm
Audio response 300HZ to 3KHZ in AM/FM
Emitted power in the adj. channel Inferior to 20uM
Microphone sensitivity 3mV
Maximum current Max 3A
Modulated signal distortion Inferior to 5%
Max sensitivity at 20dB SINAD 0.8 uV-113dBm FM 1.5Uv-103dBm AM
Frequency response 300HZ to 3KHZ in AM/FM
Adjacent channel selectivity 60dB
Maximum audio power 3W
Squelch sensitivity Minimum 0.2uv-120dBm Maximum 1mV-47dBm
Maximum current 0.3A nominal/1.2A maximum

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