GSM/CDMA/DCS/PCS/WCDMA Cell Phone Repeater

 GSM/CDMA/DCS/PCS/WCDMA Cell Phone Repeater

Technical Specifications

Test Item Specification Remark
Uplink Downlink
Frequency Range PCS1900 1850~1910Mhz 1930-1990Mhz  
Rated Power ≤ 23dBm  
ALC Control Range ≥20 dB Output varies 1.5 or closes and resumes
Gain ≥60 dB ≥70 dB  
Max. Input Power ≤ -25dBm ≤ -30dBm  
Inter-modulation Attenuation PCS1900 ≤ -40dBc Dual-band spacing is 0.6MHz
In-band Fluctuation ≤ 5.0 dB  
Gain Adjustment Adjustment range 31/ 1dB stepping  
Adjustment error ≤ ± 1.5 dB Max. gain
Noise Figure ≤ 5 dB Electrify test
Port VSWR ≤2.0  
Group Delay ≤ 1μs  
Voltage DC ≤9 V  
Voltage AC 110~220 V  
Working Current (DC) 1.6 A  
Working Temperature -25~+55 ℃  
Impedance 50Ω  
RF Connector N K  
Indoor Coverage 400m2
Accessories One booster, one outdoor antenna, one indoor omnidirectional antenna, 5-meter standard cable

We is a professional GSM/CDMA/DCS/PCS/WCDMA cell phone repeater manufacturer based in China. The wide range of products we offer includes dual band handheld transceiver, single band walkie talkie, citizen band radio, vehicle radio, and more.

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