Tri-Band Mobile Repeater

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 Tri-Band Mobile Repeater

This tri-band mobile repeater supports custom frequency in the ODM project.

1.Our product is compatible with AM and FM band.
2. It is configured with microphone and LCD display with 7 colors backlight.
3. Our device possesses ESP, ASQ and SQ function.

Technical Specification
Test ItemUnit Specification Remark
Uplink Downlink
Frequency Range GSM+DCS+WCDMA MHz 890~915, 1710~1785, 1920~1980 935~960, 1805~1880 2110~2170
Rated Power dBm ≤23 ≤23
ALC Control Range dB ≥20 ≥20 Output varies ± 1.5 or close and resume
Gain dB ≥60 ≥70
Max. Input Power dBm ≤-35 ≤-45
Inter-modulation Attenuation CDMA800 band dBc ≤-15 Dual-band spacing: 1.23MHz
GSM900 band dBc ≤-40 Dual-band spacing: 0.6MHz
DCS1800 band dBc ≤-40 Dual-band spacing: 0.6MHz
PCS1900 band dBc ≤-40 Dual-band spacing: 0.6MHz
3G/UMTS/WCDMA band dBc ≤-40 Dual-band spacing: 5MHz
In- band Fluctuation dB ≤5.0
Gain Adjustment Adjustment Range dB 31/1dB stepping
Adjustment Error dB ≤±1.5
Noise Figure dB ≤6 Max. gain
Port VSWR ≤2.0 Electrification test
Group Delay μS≤5
Voltage DC V 9
AC V 110~220
Working Current (DC) A 5
Working Temperature ºC -25 ~ +55
Impedance Ω 50

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